Circular trail of Friulian Dolomites

Red: principal trail    Pink: alternative trails          Blue: access to the Alpine Huts

You can start this trail from any of the Alpine huts listed below. If you come from the North you’d better start from the Giaf or from the Flaiban-Pacherini hut, which are easy to reach from Forni di Sopra. If you come from Venice or Pordenone, you can start from the Rifugio Pordenone. If you come from the West, e.g. from Cortina or Pieve di Cadore/Calalzo (train station), we advice to start from Rifugio Padova. Clockwise is the best way of going.

From Rifugio GIAF to Rifugio FLAIBAN-PACHERINI:

It’s the spectacular trail which is called in the local dialect “troi dai sclops”, that means “path of gentians”. This trail leads over three high saddles (Urtisiel, Brica e dell’Inferno) among completely different alpine landscapes. The highlight is the fairy alpine meadow Canpuros, which becomes during summer an enchanted place where hundreds of different flowers bloom. 1000 m height difference, 6 hours, easy. CAI-paths 361 (until Valmenon), 369 and 362.


From Rifugio Flaiban-Pacherini the trail leads across the Suola pass and the saddles Rua Alta and Pramaggiore. You can climb to the top of the panoramic summit Pramaggiore, 2478 m, the highest mountain of the surroundings (some short steps 1+). You go down in the idyllic (in spite of its name) valley Inferno (which means “hell”) and across the Postegae valley you reach Rifugio Pordenone.
800 m height difference, 5-6 hours. Medium. CAI-paths 363, 366 and 362.

As an alternative way you can reach Passo del Mus, 2063 m, and from here go down to Rifugio Pordenone across the valleys Guerra and Postegae. 700 m height difference, 4 hours, CAI-path 362, easy. From Passo del Mus you can also climb the impressive tower Comici along the Via Ferrata Cassiopea (suitable equipment required). Other 2 hours for the Via ferrata.

From Rifugio PORDENONE to Rifugio PADOVA:

Crossing to Rifugio Padova across the high saddle Montanaia which builds the imposing end of the Montanaia valley. The path leads at the foot of the spectacular rock monolith called “Campanile di Val Montanaia” , famous all over Europe among the mountaineers also with the name “howl of stone”. Very steep, partially challenging trail in a magnificent, atmospheric landscape. 1100 m height difference, 5 hours, medium-difficult. CAI-paths 353 until Val d’Arade, then 342 and 346
If you want to avoid the steep descent from Forcella Montanaia, there is an alternative way along the valley Monfalcon di Cimoliana, through the saddle Forcella del Leone, to reach Val d’Arade. CAI-path 349, easy. In this case you must give up the view of Campanile from near. Otherwise you can stay for two nights at Rifugio Pordenone and dedicate a whole day to the Campanile.

From Rifugio PADOVA to Rifugio GIAF:

Fantastic crossing of two high passes (Forcella Monfalcon di Forni, Forcella del Cason). Between them there is the shelter Marchi-Granzotto in perfect solitude, in the middle of a rocky amphitheater. 1100 m height difference, 6 hours, medium, CAI-path 342.
As an alternative way you can choose an easy trail across the gigantic rocky door of the Scodavacca saddle in the beautiful dolomite landscape. 700 m height difference, 3 hours, easy. If you feel fit and well trained, you can climb to the Tacca del Cridola (m 2500) from there to the summit of mount Cridola (II). CAI-path 346.

For this circular trail you need to have a good physical condition because you have to climb up to 1000 m height difference in a single day carrying your backpack. You need to walk with security on narrow paths and steep rocky slopes. Consider to plan 5 or 6 days for the whole trail (including day of arrival and of departure)
For groups: one person is free for every 15 members of the group. We offer you a friendly stay in familiar atmosphere, very good food accurately prepared with healthy local products. The keepers of the mountain huts can help you with every further information you need. If you want we can arrange a tour for you with an official guide of the Park.
On the internet page of our four Alpine huts you can find more useful information.

About us: Rifugio Giaf

Rifugio Giaf, 1400 m, belongs to the CAI of Forni di Sopra. It lies in the heart of the Park „Friuli Dolomites“. You can reach us very easily from Forni di Sopra on the marked path 346 (0,45 Hours). You can leave you car at the end of the narrow asphalt road which turns left from road 52 near the houses of Chiandarens (2 km past Forni).
We have 45 seats in the dining room and about 80 seats outside, 45 beds in comfortable rooms, modern toilets and hot showers. Suitable destination for families, and good basis for long hikes as well. Very good Friuli cuisine, chosen wines from Collio.
Phone 0039 338-7856338
Website:, e-mail:

About us: Rifugio Flaiban-Pacherini

We are in the north-east section of the Natural Park of Friuli Dolomites in the Suola valley at about 1587 m of height. You can reach us very easily along the marked path CAI 362 (suitable also for families) in about 2 hours from Forni di Sopra.
The hut was completely rebuilt in the year 2008. We offer to our guests very light, comfortable rooms, dining room on the ground floor, 16 beds on the first floor (4 rooms).
The new hut is completely supplied by photovoltaic cells. It can be reached only by foot and lies in a unspoilt area, where you can watch steinbocks at close range. It is the only Alpine hut in our region which has got the ecological guarantee label Eco-label.
It is a nice walk for the whole family but a starting point for short or longs hikes and climbs as well. Via ferrata Cassiopea to Comici tower. Stopping place of the Via Alpina.
Open from 20th June to 20th September. Hut keeper Claudio Mitri, tel. +39-0433-88555

About us: Rifugio Pordenone

Rifugio Pordenone, 1249 m, belongs to the section CAI Pordenone. It is located in the Meluzzo valley on a tree covered slope in the massive Spalti di Toro-Monfalconi. You can reach us from Cimolais, a small municipality of the province Pordenone, on a 13 km long unpaved road across the wild valley Cimoliana and from the parking place with a short walk (about 10 minutes).
Our house is the best base to visit the wildest spots of the Southern parts of the Park. We can offer 60 beds, hot showers, a very comfortable dining room and a big terrace outside. Our cuisine offers typical dishes accompanied by good wines both from Friuli and Veneto. A children menu may be requested.
We are open from middle May to middle October; there are possible other periods on request. We can help you with information about the weather and about mountain bike and climbing tours in the surroundings.
Hut keeper Marika Freschi, tel. 0427-87300
Website:, e-mail:

About us: Rifugio Padova

Rifugio Padova belongs to the Cai section Domegge di Cadore and lies on 1300 m on a nice clearing at the foot of the mighty chains Monfalconi and Spalti di Toro. In the forest all around grow maples, alders and birches, mixed with beeches and firs, creating a beautiful, relaxing ambience.
We offer 50 beds in comfortable rooms with bunk beds, toilets and bathrooms, dining room with 60 seats, a terrace with 60 seats outside, bar, solarium. Typical dishes of the Cadore made with local products. We have special offers for groups and schools and organize slides shows and guided tours. Playground for children, naturalistic trail. Stopping place of the Via Alpina.

Hut keeper Paolo De Lorenzo, tel. 0435-72488

Website:, e-mail:

How to come

For Rifugio Giaf and Rifugio Flaiban-Pacherini you have to drive to Forni di Sopra (UD).
If you come from South or from Austria, you can reach Forni di Sopra from the motorway A23 UDINE – TARVISIO, exit Carnia-Tolmezzo. Follow the signs of the route SS52 to Passo della Mauria in about 40 km.
If you come from the West (Veneto), from the motorway A27 VENEZIA – BELLUNO, exit Cadore-Dolomiti, follow the signs of route SS51 to Cortina d’Ampezzo until you reach Tai di Cadore. Here you must take the route SS51/bis following the signs to Auronzo. After 12 km take route SS 52 to Passo Mauria. From the Pass go down until you reach Forni di Sopra. In all 35 km.

For Rifugio Padova you have to drive to Domegge di Cadore (BL). From here a narrow and steep road leads to the Rifugio (8 km).
You can reach Domegge di Cadore from the motorway A27 VENEZIA – BELLUNO, exit Cadore-Dolomiti, following the signs of the route SS51 to Cortina d’Ampezzo until you reach Tai di Cadore(21 km). Here you must take the route SS51/bis following the signs to Auronzo.In about 7 km you arrive in Domegge.

For Rifugio Pordenone you have to drive to Cimolais (PN). From here a partially unpaved road leads in about 13 km to the parking of the Rifugio. Toll road during summer months.
You can reach Cimolais as follows:
Coming from Austria you leave the motorway A28 VENEZIA – PORDENONE in Pordenone, following the signs of route SR251 to Maniago, Montereale Valcellina and Barcis. 51 km.
From the West: with the motorway A27 VENEZIA – BELLUNO, exit Cadore-Dolomiti, following the signs of route SS51 to Cortina until Longarone, and after those of route SR251 to the Valcellina. Beyond the pass S.Osvaldo you reach very shortly Cimolais. From Longarone 19 km.